What exactly do digital marketers do?

Over the last many years the increased popularity and necessity of digital marketing has resulted in generating digital marketers, the ones who can deal with the entire digital space. Getting your information out in the digital space about your company and services is fundamental to this in-demand position.

Who are digital marketers?

Digital marketers are in control of using digital space to generate leads and drive brand awareness. They emphasize different key performance indicators for each digital medium to accurately measure the allover performance across each one. Different digital mediums include email marketing, social media, company's website, online ads, company's blog, etc

Digital marketers are responsible for formulating, executing, and organizing marketing campaigns to promote the company and the company's services.


Role of a digital marketer:

Before you leap into the digital marketing world let's find out what people in that role have to do specifically.

Being a digital marketer you can decide to be a jack of all trades or can master one or two profiles as a specialist. Here's a list of all the things a digital marketer has to do:


Social media marketing involves the use of social media platforms and networks to promote a company's services and products. It is a powerful tool to reach out to new prospects while engaging with existing customers. Digital marketer needs to set up a strategic creation and a top-notch content to promote services and brands across a company's social media platforms and also manage posts that will appear on other people's channels.


 Digital marketing requires a profitable and direct way to let customers engage with the brand. Email marketing focuses on keeping customers updated and increases their degree of engagement by making them aware of new products, services, and discounts. Digital marketers need to formulate, personalize and send commercial emails to the company's email subscribers.



One of the crucial tasks digital marketers need to perform is to regulate effective relationships with publications or organizations and obtain as much coverage as possible to manage the public perspective of the brand. It aims to protect and communicate all vital information to build a good reputation in front of the public.



Digital marketers are responsible for how easily targeted customers can find the website. SEO deals with improving websites visibility when people browse for services you offer. It is a way to create free and organic traffic.

Whereas SEM deals with paid strategies to increase the visibility of the brand. In brief, they both work with digital outreach on search engines ( google, Bing).



Outlining identity and providing value through publishing different content online and offline can boost any marketing campaign. Digital marketer focuses on modifying business plans into creating and circulating relevant, engaging, and consistent content.



Ultimately digital marketers need databases and work on this data to offer companies with actionable understanding. It provides a clean look at how customers are behaving. Digital marketers do an in-depth analysis to find what worked and what was just waste. It gives a breakdown of how your site is generating traffic, what keywords are doing well etc. This helps companies to target potential audiences in the future.


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